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zhan zhuang chi kung
  ying Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung
(pronounced jam jong chi gung)
The Essence of Tai Chi

Zhan Zhuang is one of the most powerful forms of Chi Kung
Literal translation is Standing like a Pole
or more descriptively Standing Like a Tree
Chi Kung means energy exercise

Chi Kung is an Ancient Art used in the martial arts and for health
With great benefits in the modern world
Health and Healing

Good for the mind and body - and
taking responsibility for our own health

For Martial Art - the basis of many martial arts, particularly Tai Chi and Da Cheng Chuan
For health - from wellbeing to recovering from illness or injury and building resistance to both.
For healing - helps speed up the healing process.
For sport - helps by developing internal power which complements the physical side.
In the workplace - beneficial for keeping fit, stress free, calming the mind and being energised.
and   -   Team building, company socialising and networking while training.
For the Elderly - it is an exercise they can do, either standing or sitting, and make it social.

For Health and Healing

We all want to feel fit with lots of energy. There are many different ways of achieving fitness. The standard way is the military approach: running, 'pumping iron', pushing yourself hard. The expression 'No pain, No gain' comes to mind.

There is a simpler way:     Just Standing doing Chi Kung

It may be hard to believe that just standing can make you fit but it can. It is almost the opposite of most fitness methods: you are trying to stand in a relaxed way without using muscles. It sounds contradictory but the result is you feel fit, you are calmer and less stressed; sports and other activities are improved with greater power.

This method is called Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung (pronounced Jam Jong Chi Gung), often shortened to Chi Kung. Roughly translated it means 'Standing Like a Tree'. It has been used in China for thousands of years. During the last century a Martial Arts authority studied it and developed it into a very powerful art which is the basis of both health care and martial art.

Chi Kung is a gentle but powerful exercise. The breathing and heart are gently exercised without stress and because you are relaxed your whole body benefits. Internal energy (the Chinese call it Chi) can circulate freely and improve your health. You find you recover more quickly from illnesses and injuries.

While the postures are simple, it takes time to be able to relax properly and realise the benefits it can bring and its healing power. Going to classes improves the benefits further because you share the energy of the whole group. The real benefit is long term.
Understanding Chi Kung
Extract from "Everyday Chi Kung with Master Lam"

Why is a system that involves almost no external movement a powerful form of exercise? Why do sitting and standing still in the various positions make you feel refreshed and energized? If Chi Kung generates high levels of energy, why does it calm the nervous system? These are questions I am most often asked about the Zhan Zhuang (pronounced 'jam jong') system of Chi Kung.

The basis of understanding Chi Kung is an appreciation of energy. From the earliest natural scientists of Chinese civilization down to the quantum physicists of our own era, there has been a tradition of understanding all phenomena as an expression of energy. In Chinese, this energy, or life force, is known as 'Chi'.

The unobstructed flow of this energy is what enables life to flourish. If the flow of energy is blocked, then, like stagnant water, energy putrifies. What blocks the flow of Chi within our bodies is tension -the subtle effect of mental strain and its imprint on our muscles and nerves. Chi Kung practice relieves this tension and clears the blockages.

The distinct feature of the Zhan Zhuang system of still postures [presented in the book] is that you increase the circulation of blood in the body (as with conventional external exercises) without becoming breathless. In fact, your breathing tends to become deeper, guaranteeing a higher volume of oxygen in circulation throughout your entire system.
Understanding Chi Kung
In Western Terms

The Eastern and Western views are different. The West tends to see Chi Kung benefits as the power of the mind (the 'placebo effect'). In fact that is exactly what it is. The human mind and body has the power to maintain and repair itself, Science has found ways of helping that process so we have come to depend on it. Modern living puts mental and physical stresses on us that we try to alleviate with drugs rather than helping the body sort itself out.

Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung is an exercise that develops the body's power to maintain health and repair itself. Tai Chi has become accepted as a useful exercise. Chi Kung is less well known but is the power behind Tai Chi and many martial arts. This same power is used for maintaining health and recovery. In the process it improves posture, increases energy and calms the mind.

One way of looking at Chi Kung is as the 'ultimate' form of relaxation (but much more). Tension very often accumulates in the neck. If we can relax then it becomes easier to release that tension. Conversely, if we are tense, it is much more difficult to feel good or respond to treatment, when we relax we feel better and respond better. If we get rid of tension, we feel good in mind and body.

Stress builds up tension in the body. Standing in relaxed postures for a length of time calms the mind and encourages the flow of internal energy to circulate round the body and relieves tension.

Young children do not have tension, it is something that builds up slowly without being noticed. Later on in life it becomes much more difficult to get rid of. When you do, your health improves and it becomes easier to stay fit.

Just Try It
there is nothing to lose

Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung

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