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Chi Kung, The Way of Energy

The ground breaking guide to Zhan Zhuang, the most powerful form of Chi Kung. Step-by-Step guidance to postures that enhance internal energy and healing.
The Way of Healing

Your natural energy is the most powerful force for healing that you possess. Learn how to balance and strengthen your energy to help achieve optimum health.
The Way of Power

The practices of the Great Accomplishment Lineage of Chinese Martial arts (Da Cheng Chuan) help you reach full strength in body and mind.

Also available is a DVD to go with the book.
Everyday Chi Kung with Master Lam

Sitting Zhan Zhuang, showing how chi kung can be practiced by anyone.
Master Lam's Walking Chi Kung

Chi Kung offers something for everyone, from sports enthusiasts, to those who spend the day sitting or standing and is ideal for building strength, improving balance and concentration and boosting energy levels. Chi Kung is much more than an exercise programme, however, as it is also a form of meditation, which encourages conscious breathing, mental discipline and focus.

Step-by-Step Tai Chi

Highly illustrated guide to Tai Chi, the gentle graceful soft martial art that can be practiced by anyone of any age or ability.

Tai Chi for staying young

Offers a simple exercise programme for all ages, which takes just 15 minutes a day. Following an introduction which explains the basic techniques and benefits of Tai Chi, the book sets out the daily routine with exercises which can be performed in a sitting position or in bed, as well as ideas for practising.
By Master Lam's Son - Lam Tin Yu
Tai Chi: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel

Tal Chi is an ancient Chinese soft martial art that strengthens and relaxes the body through slow, gentle movement combined with co-ordinated breathing. It can be practiced anytime, anywhere, however fit you are and without special equipment, special clothes or special shoes. It is the perfect technique to get you back on track when you are feeling stressed during your busy day.
the Feng Shui Handbook

How to make your living and working environments more healthy and productive by adjusting the arrangement of your home and office.
the Personal Feng Shui Manual

Learn how to use the Chinese zodiac to create a lifestyle in harmony with your personality for greater health and happiness.
the Feng Shui Kitchen

How your kitchen design and cooking habits can help you obtain the best nutrition from your food.
The Way of Power - the DVD
A valuable companion to the book The Way of Power

Filmed in China and London, it contains nearly 50 minutes of original footage of Master Lam, Professor Yu, Madame Wang (daughter of Wang Xiang Zhai) and students. There are unique demonstrations of Fa Li, the explosive inner power of Da Cheng Chuan, and Five Element Movements and training in the Six Directions exercises.
Golden Ball Tai Chi : the DVD and booklet

Especially developed for people in their 'Golden Years', this live action DVD presents two complete sessions of Tai Chi for daily exercise.
Stand Still - Be Fit

Television programme made for Channel4 by Master Lam, brought out as a video. May not be available any more.
But can be seen on YouTube (all 10 days) -search: 'stand still be fit' or click here